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Traditional Indian format of wrestling, "Kushti" allows a fight between two opponents for a long time say one hour or more to decide the winner. It is plenty of time in which one can pin his opponent and sit on his chest. Deceitfulness of points are a strict no, no. The game solely depends on one's sheer skills , strength and stamina. It is Freestyle, hence ; one can use any technique he has perfected. Even grabbing the costume is allowed. Jassa Patti has done all this. He has pinned his opponents and sat on their chest most of the time, and rose up very fast to reach at the top of Indian Kushti. He is now number one Indian Kushti wrestler of India. His kushti matches has made watching kushti an addiction in India. This blog holds witnesses to the above said statement and showcase world's best sport in its current form through the life and times of Jassa Patti

Friday, January 1, 2016

Taking the Plunge. Senior Nationals - Wrestling Championship 2015.

Taking the Plunge.
Senior Nationals - Wrestling Championship 2015.
The year 2015 has faded away with lot of memories in the world of kushtiwrestling. Popularity graph of Indian wrestling has seen a great leap this year. A new dawn of the first day of year 2016 is also pleasant, It promises to begin a whole new era in the future of Kushtiwrestling. For sports persons it takes no time to create Historical feats. Many many wrestlers also actually did it. they stormed the arena with their sheer power and skills and let the watching crowed mesmerized . Jassa Patti is one among them . People used to ask me who fought great battles and glorified the Mud -Arena ( Akhada) entertained the crowed to the core and I simply used to say He is Jassa Patti. There is a long list of wrestlers trailing him. He however remained un-defeated and a big chunk of heavyweights were seen crouching before him.

Jassa Patti who reached at the top of Mudwrestling for the year 2015 has not practiced much on the mat. He is fought traditional wrestling matches most of the year. What happens when he come on the mat ? He is relying purely on his immense strength & endurance. He has got a great stamina but what about the much needed technical skills and expertise on the mat ?

The second bout with Babar. It is a long time since Babar has been training. Training under Vijay Pal Yadav at Bamheta wrestling Academy , which has state of the art facilities , he has become a very good wrestler , a great fighting machine. He is equally well on the Mat and at the Mud. I think he is not a good match for Jassa on the Mud , while on the mat he is more technical and Tactical. Their bouts was going to be a great bout.

In fact I reached late , His first bout was already happened , and it was his second league round fight. The opponent looked strong. Both the wrestler shook hands, with the whistle of the referee they started to play. Within no time Jassa controlled his opponent , overpowered him and scored well. He became more aggressive and within no time pinned his opponent who could do nothing except to submit before the mighty wrestler.

What will Jassa do on the mat. Will his charismatic Charm would remain intact ? or When I reached the Kasaba Jadha Wrestling Hall, Inside IG Indoor Stadium complex. My eyed searched for him. In a corner Jassa stood Calmly , waiting for his bout to begin. I approached him and told him people want to see your perform the same on the mat as you do in the Mud wrestling. He noded and assured me to do his best.

Babar has pinned Benia Ameen , the number one wrestler of Jammu & Kashmir , who also fight at number one position at Punjab also. He has gathered good confidence and enough support for himself. He fought with jassa not only with a great strength but also applied his mind. He did a single leg attach , and pushed Jassa Patti, who stumbled out of the ring. Babar scored two points. But Jassa was not so frazile , he came back and did a great takedown on Babar eventually controlled him and earned two points too. Babar did a leg attack again, this time countered beautifully by Jassa nobody earned a point. Now it was the end of the first half. The second half was going to be more aggressive definitely. And yes it was, while Jassa took offensive , Babar seemed to be calmer , defensive and thinking. Babar punched Jassa's face in defense,Refree pnalised Babar and gave one point in favor of Jassa. Now Jassa was leading 3-2. While Babar was saving himself Jassa tried to disbalance him by hitting his leg but got his balance broken, suddenly Babar flinged into action and attacked on his legs , jassa fell and babar controlled well earning two points for the action. It was 3-4 now. The game changed in favor of Babar. Again babar kept pushing Jassa's head and warned by referee. Babar got penalised again for being defensive and Jassa was given one more point. it was 4-4. two minutes in the final lapse of the bout were remaining, Jassa fights well, he almost remain off gaurds in most of his matches, and fights in standing position , I think Babar Guru Vijaypal has studied it well, that is why Babar kept on attacking on Jassa's leg , this time too he attacked well and did a great take down and scored two more points. it was 6-4 now . only 45 seconds were left .

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