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Traditional Indian format of wrestling, "Kushti" allows a fight between two opponents for a long time say one hour or more to decide the winner. It is plenty of time in which one can pin his opponent and sit on his chest. Deceitfulness of points are a strict no, no. The game solely depends on one's sheer skills , strength and stamina. It is Freestyle, hence ; one can use any technique he has perfected. Even grabbing the costume is allowed. Jassa Patti has done all this. He has pinned his opponents and sat on their chest most of the time, and rose up very fast to reach at the top of Indian Kushti. He is now number one Indian Kushti wrestler of India. His kushti matches has made watching kushti an addiction in India. This blog holds witnesses to the above said statement and showcase world's best sport in its current form through the life and times of Jassa Patti

Friday, September 30, 2016

Jassa and Kamaljeet battle for an hour

Celebrity Wrestler Jassa Patti and the shane punjab Kamaljeet Doomchedi were paired againsed each other at Ucha Pind, Dangal. Near Morinda. They both remain equal after 25 minutes., 
By Kushti sadi Jind Jaan. 
Aaj Ucha pind Near morinda vich bahut vadiya dangal hoya jis vich di jandi: kamaljeet doomcheri te Jassa patti vichakr 35 min brabar hoe kushti bahut vadiya hoe ... di jandi:Harman alamgir te jatinder santpur vichkar brabar hoe
->Bau kohali te Billa rouni di kushti brabar hoe kushti bahut vadiya hoe
->Sandeep goda doomchari te raja rouni di kushti brabar hoe
->Dharminder kohali te lali mandchonta di kushti brabar hoe
By:-(kushti saddi jind jaan)
Pahalwan ji 
( Deepak A.P.)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gadhi Ajit Singh Dangal - 23.09.2016

Jassa Patti vs Parvesh, Jassa Patti Defeats Parvesh

Eh Shinjh Mela Aaj
Pind - Garhi Ajit SinghDi
Near -Aurr
Jithe ki

1no. Jassa Patti ne Parvesh Dhuleta nu chit kita
2no. Pamma Pehalwan ne Bania Jammu nu chit kita
3no. Tirath Pehalwan Phagwara-vs-Vicky Chd Brabar toss Te Tirath Pehalwan win Reha ji
Hor Spl. Kushtiyan ch
--Angrej Domchheri ne Deepu Dera Baba Nanak nu chit kita
--Gamma Dhuleta ne Baljit Kheri nu chit kita
--Balkar Lallian ne Jassa Bahrowal nu chit kita
--Deepa Choda ne Bagga nagra nu chit kita
--Chota Jassa Bahrowal-vs-Sharif Dhuleta Brabar hoyi
--Billa Lallian Ne Jolly Kheri nu chit kita
--Pappu Sarpanch ne Raju Mushqabaad nu chit kita
--Gurkirat Bahrowal-vs-Gaggi Dhuleta Brabar
--Paritpal Phagwara(Sondhi Akhara) ne Chandan Kheri nu chit kita
--Gurpreet Lallian ne Gurlal Sirsa nu chit kita
Comenteter--Gurwinder Kheri , KaramDin Chamsabu
Apne Page Da vashesh sanman kita geya Ji

Thursday, September 15, 2016


15.09.2016 By ( Gurdeep Brahmanwala ) 
A grand wrestling competition was organised at village Mehatpur Where Jassa Patti fought for first prize . His opponent this time was huge wrestler Monu Ghaggar Sarai. Monu is a strong built wrestler with equally big height. He fights first prize matches , and have record number of wins at his credit. Jassa Patti and Monu fought well, there match went on for 12 minutes. In the bout wrestler Jassa Patti won the match. He pinned Monu Ghagar Sarai . in other matches Pamma Pahlwan of Dera Baba Nanak pinned Pardeep Chika in yet another match Soni Seor and Shinda Narangwal remained equal after 35 minute fight. in one more match wrestler Bagga of Kohali pinned Jassa of Leelan in flat one minute.

Eh Dangal ajj Hoeya 15-09-2016 Pind Mehatpur Near Nakodar 1no. Jhandi te #jassa_patti ne Monu Ghagar sarai nu 12 mint vich chit kita....... 2no. Jhandi te pamma Dera baba Nanak me pardeep cheeka nu 9 mint vich chit kita... 3no. Jhandi te Soni Seora Vs shinda Narangwal kushti 35mint brabar hoi..... 4no. Jhandi te bagga kohali ne jassa leelan nu 1mint vich chit kita......

Monday, September 12, 2016

Jassa Patti vs Tejbir of Rohtak

 Jassa Patti fought a first prize match. The venue was Dangal ground of Village named "Virk" near Fagwara, in Punjab. His opponent this time was a big wrestler from Harynana. The name of The wrestler is Tejbir , who hails from District Rohtak of Haryana. The fight was a great one,which lasted for four minutes, in Which Wrestler Jassa patti pinned Tejbir, and won the prize.
( by Gurdeep Brahmanwala)
Ajj 11-09-2016 pind virk near fagwara vich kushti Dangal hoeya Jithe..... 1no. Jhandi te #jassa_patti ne Tejbir Rohtak nu 4 mint vich chit kita 2no. Jhandi ganni hosiarpur vs vikas khanna brabar hoi

Friday, September 9, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016



In a significant and subtle turn of events,celebrity wrestler Jassa Patti has reached on the summit of traditional style Indian Kushti wrestling.

In a great wrestling competition at Dilavar Pur, in Punjab; wrestler Jassa reached into the final of the events by defeating the great Bharat Kesari wrestler Parvesh. He defeated Parvesh in flat eight minutes .

While in the second semifinal, wrestler Krishan played well but lost to a Georgian wrestler . The Georgian wrestler fought for 20 minutes , the time set for the game; after which the match was stalled ; and restarted to be decided on the basis of points. The match between both the wrestler went on for five minutes. Georgian wrestler secured an easy victory over Krishan. The score was 6-2.

The Georgian wrestler however proved inconspicuous against his mighty opponent wrestler Jassa Patti. Their match for the final bout and for a prize of a Messy Ferguson tractor , (which may amounts to around four to five lac or more) was played just only for four minutes. In which wrestler Jassa Patti pinned his opponent and become the undisputed champion of the traditional style Indian Kushti wrestling . ( sourced from Gurdeep Brahman wala) (Golu Pahlwan, ) and kushti page Jigre Punjabiayn de , by Parminder Sangha

Thanks, Pahalwan ji ( Deepak A.P.)

#DILAWARPUR_DANGAL 08-09-2016 #1st_Semifinal jassa patti vs parvesh bahadurgarh Jassa ne 8 mint chit kiya parvesh ko #2nd_semifinal Krishan bayinpuriya vs georgian pahlwan 20mint brabar baad me 5mint points par hui Georgian wins 6-2 #Final Jassa patti vs georgian pahlwan jassa ne georgiaan ko 4 mint me chit kiya Jassa winner....messey tractor 🚜✌

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jassa Patt vs Sunil Zeerakpuria

Sunil Zeerakpuria is a good wrestler now. He has been fighting at top level first prize matches this season. I made him famous once on the internet , it was when I first clicked his action photos at a Dangal some three or four year ago. We met after some time, when  fondly I told him that one day , you would become a good wrestler.  "I need none of your blessing" He told me rudely. I became at loss of words soon after, and I felt really ashamed , his despicable words occupied my mind for the rest of the day, and a for a long time there after. I pitted myself  why I cared so much for him and that why should I fell a need to express  my good wishes to him. He however continued his journey with or without my blessings. But I never thought to wish him good luck for the second time, again. may be he did this thing to many people. and that is why he is  now announced as Sunil Zeerakpuria and peculiarly  the announcer says people also call him "Jhalla" note mentioning the names , that means the society as a whole calls him "jhalla" which also means an idiotic fool.

On the other hand is wrestler Jassa Patti , He is a calm , cool person. He smiles gently and also nods in greetings for every body who has eye contact with him, even  kids come to him out of love and affection, no wonder they want to follow his footprints and would wish to be like him one day. He seemed to be enjoying his larger than life celebrity status but at the same time is a nice and gentle for every body of. The man has learned winning hearts of people. People love and adore him and travel far and wide to see him Win. His bouts are super prized, and with best of the best in the fray. Yes they don't want to see him loose. in fact he never does too. be a wrestler from around India or anywhere, it is Jasssa Patti , who can fight every body is the phenomena in Punjab kushti circles. and for sure , even I believe in this hold about Him.

after at loss from the words of sunil Zeerakpuria , mostly I refrain away from wishing wrestlers good luck at their face , yet within deep inside,  my heart was filled with all the best wishes for Jassa Patti. I prayed for him , when he got injured , It was a bad feeling , that kept clinging to me , till I knew he has recovered . I laughed , and enjoyed and felt a sense of proud when I heard  about his winning feats. I think every man back there in Punjab feels the same as I do,  or may be more than that. People 's love for Jassa Patti has crossed boundaries , even people ask me from Pakistan, Middle east, Germany, USA, New Zealand, how is he doing ? and sometimes ask me to go and cover him. His bout with "Jhalla" was asked me by several people. across the globe.

I know these are hard times for me ,  It is difficult now to go and watch his matches , and cover for it for the people on the internet which I wish I could. However , next season I might be saving some money to go and cover him entirely.

I think Punjabi live tv is filling the gap , and here is their video of Jassa Patti vs Sunil Zeerakpuria. I think you can see , the difference . for me the difference is because of the blessings one gets from God almighty , the People in general and fans. watch this and find out yourself

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

By Gurdeep Brahmanwala

A Great Kushti Dangal is organised at Village Saiswa. The vilalge is Near Kathua ( Jammu ) of the state Jammu & Kashmir. 

The first prize match was between celebrity wrestler Jassa Patti vs Bhupinder Pahlwan Ajnala. 

In a great show ,  wrestler Jassa Patti , pinned Bhupinder within one minute and won the bout.  

Ajj 6-09-2016 pind saiswa near kathua(jammu) vich dangal hoeya.... #jassa_patti ne bhupinder ajnala nu 1 mint vich chit kita

Monday, September 5, 2016

By - Gurdeep Brahmanwala 

A Spectacular event of Dangal is held at Village Dhamian, near Dasuya Mukerian. The first prize match was between Celebrity wrestler Jassa Patti and a Georgian. It was a grand match. Jassa Patti won the match. there were other matches also, Gaurav pinned yet another Georgian. Benia and Bhupinder of Ajnala's match remained draw. Sunny of Lallian pinned Dharminder of Alamgir.

 Ajj pind dhamian near dasuya mukerian bohat Top da kushti Dangal hoeya...... 1no. Jhandi te jassa Patti vs Georgi georgiaan pehlwan di kushti hoi.... kushti bohat sohni hoi..... jassa Patti jetu reha ess kushti vich 12mint kushti hoi..... Gaurav machiwara ne jeeyaat Georgian nu 17 mint vich chit kita...... Bania Amin jammu vs bhupinder ajnala kushti barbar hoi..... Sunny lallian ne dharminder almgir nu chit kita