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Traditional Indian format of wrestling, "Kushti" allows a fight between two opponents for a long time say one hour or more to decide the winner. It is plenty of time in which one can pin his opponent and sit on his chest. Deceitfulness of points are a strict no, no. The game solely depends on one's sheer skills , strength and stamina. It is Freestyle, hence ; one can use any technique he has perfected. Even grabbing the costume is allowed. Jassa Patti has done all this. He has pinned his opponents and sat on their chest most of the time, and rose up very fast to reach at the top of Indian Kushti. He is now number one Indian Kushti wrestler of India. His kushti matches has made watching kushti an addiction in India. This blog holds witnesses to the above said statement and showcase world's best sport in its current form through the life and times of Jassa Patti

Friday, September 22, 2017

Poetry recital on Jassa Patti by Shere Gahl Majri

दूसरी मारुती आल्टो और कुश्ती प्रेमियों का दिल हमेशा के लिए जीता जस्सा पट्टी ने।  

आज रूबल और जस्सा पट्टी की कुश्ती के बारे में,  मैं यदि कुछ कहूंगा तो यही कहूंगा की ये ऐतिहासिक कुश्ती हैं।   नूरा कुश्तियों की कब्र पर लड़ी  गई ये कुश्ती पंजाबी कुश्ती के एक नंबर होने का प्रमाण हैं।  कोई शक ?  ये कुश्ती आने वाले हजारों , हजार पहलवानो को मेहनत करने , खून पसीना एक करने का सबक देकर गई हैं।  साथ ही इस कुश्ती ने , दो मिनट में जो शमा बांधा , जो हल्ला मचाया , जितना दर्शकों को उन्मादित , उत्तेजित और  ​उल्लासित किया मैंने अपने जीवन में शायद ही देखा हो।  जस्सा पट्टी , और रूबल दोनों ही इस अद्भुत कारनामे , पराक्रम और शौर्य की गाथा लिख गए हैं। और  दोनों ही पहलवान धन्यवाद और भूरी भूरी प्रशंशा के पात्र हैं। इस को मैं कुश्ती का महामुकाबला ही कहूंगा , और कहूंगा की ये मुकाबला पंजाब में ही बेफिक्र हो कर , निर्भयता लड़ा जा सकता था।  जस्सा पट्टी के फैन और उनके चाहे वालों का हक़ भी बनता हैं की वे , 

अपने चहेते पहलवान की जीत पर खुशियां और आनंद मनाएं। और उन्हें रोके भी कौन ?  ऐसा होता हैं , भाइयों होता हैं।  रूबल के चाहने  वाले उन्हें भी  ये मौका दें।  और रूबल फिर एक बार लड़े जस्सा पट्टी से , अपने फैंस , अपने चाहने वालों की उमीदों पे खरा होके  दिखाए। कौन सा दुनिया ख़तम हो रही हैं ? हाँ  पूरी दुनिया और खासकर के हिन्दुस्तान के बड़े पहलवानो के लिए ये कुश्ती एक आइना हैं।  इस आईने में खुद को देखे और कह दें की हम भी रुस्तम हैं , ये काम हम भी कर दिखाएँगे।  और आज से ही , ये नूरा कुश्ती बंद करें।  कुश्ती की बेइज्जत्ती हो रही थी , इन पहलवानो ने आज इज्जत लौटा दी।  भाइयों बुरा न मानियेगा पर निःस्सन्देह आज का दिन जस्सा पट्टी ही हैं।  पहलवान को मेरी तरफ से भी बहुत बहुत बधाइयां।  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kushtiwrestling : Jassa Patti vs Krishan : Vodafone Dangal Mandothi, by ...

11th June 2017,

Latest from Jassa Patti's Fights

11th June, 2017
Thanks Vodafone , Sonu Pahlwan, Dharmender Dalal Arjun Awardee for this selfless act, and sponsoring this public event, A much talked about and publicized Dangal at Village Mandothi. The kushtiwrestling match between Jasaa Patti and Krishan was the talk of the town from last several days. People thronged in to see what happen when two great wrestler will fight to decide the winner and for a reward of Rs. 200, 000/- .

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hakima Gate City Dangal - Amritsar

In a great traditional wrestling tournament , Celebrity wrestler Jassa Patti fought well with Pradeep Chika. The bout was a total sell out among the crowed. Scores of people kept pouring in the Arena at Hakima Gate,  Amritsar. These people came from long distances too. One can clearly see the sweat drifting down their cheeks to the ground, while sitting under the scorching son. There was no respite from heat, but a chance to watch their favorite wrestler's game was the sole motivating factor, apparently .

Pradeep Chika is a strong opponent of Jassa Patti , both have defeated each other in the past. So the question "who will be the winner today" ? filled people with a mix of  romance and curiosity.

Since Jassa Patti is playing the first match of the season, and also after recovering an injury in the past , will he be able to take on the mighty Pradeep Chika well ? was another fear inside the mind of his fans.

A few believed Pradeep Chika is the sure winner this time, he is in the fray continuously and has improved his game a lot.

Finally ,  the show started  when both the wrestler came inside the arena. Pradeep Chika proved his skills very well taking an attacking stance. Jassa Patti was the most cruel inside the arena however. He pinned Pradeep Chika to claim the title in flat 15  minutes.

Not only Jassa Patti and Pradeep Chika but also, another star wrestler pair Saba Kohali vs Binda Bishanpur was also one of the main attraction of the event too. They are among the top notch pahlwans in the mud wrestling. The  match faced a dispute between the supporters of both the wrestlers, after which Saba was declared as the winner.

Another Wrestlers who also fought well are

Wrestler Amritpal vs Pamma Gobagh , remained equal. 
 Wrestler Suraj Golbag, vs Malkeet Kohali also played for tie. 
 Dharmender Kohali pinned Jita Hoshiarpur to victory. 
 Ravi of Patti won from Deepu Dera Baba Nanak on the basis of points. 
Gagan Kohali vs Luck Pathankot match remained a draw. 
 While Yuvraj Kahardi pinned a wrestler from Patiyala. 
 Shanti Akhr Pandha Pahlwan pinned Sachin of Golbagh and won the match.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interview with Cemeberity Wrestler - Jassa Patti

Kulvir Kainor is a commentator in traditional Dangals ( wrestling competitions ) in Punjab.  Kulvir has introduced live youtube kushti channel into the world of wrestling. He is experimental and goes an extra mile for promoting kushti culture. His interview with Jassa Patti is published by Punjabi Live wrestling channel.