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Traditional Indian format of wrestling, "Kushti" allows a fight between two opponents for a long time say one hour or more to decide the winner. It is plenty of time in which one can pin his opponent and sit on his chest. Deceitfulness of points are a strict no, no. The game solely depends on one's sheer skills , strength and stamina. It is Freestyle, hence ; one can use any technique he has perfected. Even grabbing the costume is allowed. Jassa Patti has done all this. He has pinned his opponents and sat on their chest most of the time, and rose up very fast to reach at the top of Indian Kushti. He is now number one Indian Kushti wrestler of India. His kushti matches has made watching kushti an addiction in India. This blog holds witnesses to the above said statement and showcase world's best sport in its current form through the life and times of Jassa Patti

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interview with Cemeberity Wrestler - Jassa Patti

Kulvir Kainor is a commentator in traditional Dangals ( wrestling competitions ) in Punjab.  Kulvir has introduced live youtube kushti channel into the world of wrestling. He is experimental and goes an extra mile for promoting kushti culture. His interview with Jassa Patti is published by Punjabi Live wrestling channel.

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