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Traditional Indian format of wrestling, "Kushti" allows a fight between two opponents for a long time say one hour or more to decide the winner. It is plenty of time in which one can pin his opponent and sit on his chest. Deceitfulness of points are a strict no, no. The game solely depends on one's sheer skills , strength and stamina. It is Freestyle, hence ; one can use any technique he has perfected. Even grabbing the costume is allowed. Jassa Patti has done all this. He has pinned his opponents and sat on their chest most of the time, and rose up very fast to reach at the top of Indian Kushti. He is now number one Indian Kushti wrestler of India. His kushti matches has made watching kushti an addiction in India. This blog holds witnesses to the above said statement and showcase world's best sport in its current form through the life and times of Jassa Patti

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jassa Patti vs Satender Mokhriya

जिन लोगों को कुछ काम नहीं होता , वे दूसरों पर ऊँगली उठा कर खुद को बिजी कर लेते हैं। पंजाब में कुश्ती की कवरेज में मन लग रहा था , लेकिन कुछ लोगों की छींटाकशी से आहत हो कर वापस लौट आया। मेरे पास दो वीडियो कैमरा हैं , एक घिस -2 के ठीक से वीडियो भी नहीं बना पा रहा। इसको रिपेयर करने के लिए पैसे जोड़ने होंगे। फिलहाल ये कुश्ती देखिये जिसमे जस्सा पट्टी सतेंदर मोखरिया से कुश्ती लड़ रहा हैं , आज की डेट में दोनों पहलवानो ने एक नंबर पे धूम मचा राखी हैं। There are people who comment meaninglessly , when I say , I am serving selflessly for Kushti. One such remark by a man broke me , and i came back. But before this I worked so hard , that even my camera failed to capture accurately, in the daylight it is giving dark results, since it is a no profit work, it is hard to collect money for such repairs, but that will not stop me shooting , until it stops working.

Thanks, Pahalwan ji ( Deepak A.P.)


  1. You are doing a fabulous job. You are bringing the mud wrestling to online platform. I am a huge fan of Jassa Patti and now fan of you. People will try to pull you down coz you are doing a remarkable job. May god gives you more strength and money to continue on this path. I have one suggestion why don't you make FB page for famous wrestlers like Jassa. You will get more traffic and then you can also make some money online. I was thinking of doing that myself but You have the first right to do it coz I feel your work and efforts should be appreciated and paid.

  2. Thanks dear Harpreet Bro,
    I am working for Jassa just because, out of love and affection , like you love him. To earn money from my posts is not my objective , it needs more commercial mind , and commercial activity , which i can't sometimes even 10, 000 views can't fetch you a single rupee. there is problem of copy right , and google policies , they may stop adds on your work, so i do not want to be exploited for someone two hundred rupees during a year . I know that is only i can earn from the blog . so it is better to leave it as it looks. let us both pray for jassa , that he become a bigger star day by day.